Laura Contreras-Rowe presents keynotes on a wide variety of topics for minority organizations, businesses, schools, women conferences and churches. Laura has had the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of individuals; including children, young adults, women conferences, and church.

Keynote Speaker
Minority Entrepreneurship
Latina Success
Youth Events
Non-Profit Fundraisers
Training Workshops & Seminars

Motivational Speaking and Workshop Topics:

Taking the Road Less Traveled: Extraordinary or Average?
Overcoming Diversity Barriers in Life and Business

Discovering your Gifts and Talents

Laura’s Journey to Success
Extraordinary Leaders Begin by Serving

Laura inspires people with her passion and unrelenting message of hope. Her multicultural approach allows her to communicate with people well outside the boundaries of the United States; her travels taking her as far as Argentina. It is the passion with which she lives, and the hope that she brings to others that display with beautiful transparency the desire of her heart; to be a world changer.

Some of Laura’s clients include:

Galveston Chamber of Conference Women Conference, TX

Empowerment Latina Youth Conference, San Diego, CA

RE/MAX Argentina Convention, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Garland School District, Garland ,TX

Mesquite School District, Mesquite, TX

San Diego Boys and Girls Club

Garfield High School, LA School District

Fords Elementary School, Charlotte, NC

MANA, Organization for Women , DC

Round Rock School District, Round Rock TX

Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast, Chesapeake, VA

Fundriser-Night of Inspiration with Kelly Wright and Laura Contreras Rowe, Virginia Beach,VA





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