The last call…

The last call…

I just got the best call ever!

I just received a call from my husband of 21 yrs. His voice sounded a little shaky and emotional.  I asked him, ” What is wrong? ”

He said, ” I miss my sons.”

I quickly sit up in bed as I am taking my sweet time getting out of bed on this very cold morning.  I said, ” WHAT?”  He went on to explain how he had just dropped off Austin at high school and he misses Joshua, who is now attending college in Florida. He was so emotional and we had a great talk about our boys and how much we love them.

I can still remember the day Joshua was born.  I remember feeling that this is what God had created me for was to be a mom. Keith was the proudest dad around that day. Joshua was actually born on Father’s Day. He was beaming with the arrival of his first son. Keith has always been the best dad to our boys.

Teaching them how to ride a bike, how to weld pipe, to make projects for school, how to build a wooden deck, how to sew left over canvas for a school project, ( Joshua loved Veggie Tales and sewed a Larry Boy costume ), how to do dry wall, how to treat adults with respect, how to treat young girls with respect. He has spent time with them dragging them to work with him as a contractor. Those times spent together have been priceless to Keith. Most of all, he has taught the boys about forgiveness and shows his love for Jesus without excuses.

I am so thankful to have a husband who loves his sons so deeply it hurts. I know we hear this all the time, that Life is Short….. But instead of just hearing it, understand the true meaning of it.



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