Laura Contreras-Rowe was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised on the border of Mexico in Laredo. She received a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Design and Telecommunications with a minor in Art History from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1991. Laura entered real estate world in 2001. After a very successful real estate career and opening up a few real estate franchises she eventually sold her shares in her companies to have more time to pursue her passion for speaking and inspiring others.

In 2009, Laura wrote her first book called Aim High Extraordinary Stories of Hispanic and Latina Women. Laura traveled the country meeting and interviewing inspirational and amazing women for her book. Her book features 33 thought- provoking positive role models from all over the country and from different professional backgrounds to tell their story. This book delivers a powerful message that despite financial challenges, family obligations and horrific environments and events: a young Hispanic or Latina woman can succeed to astounding heights with courage and tenacity.

Since 2010, Laura had the opportunity to speak to over twenty thousands people. Her audience have been young students who had come from very tough backgrounds including ex-gang members, pregnant teens, gang members, homeless students and under privileged students. Laura offers a message of hope and inspiration through her speeches.

In 2010 Laura returned from traveling the country but her heart for the Latino community was still yearning to make a difference in the Hampton Roads area. Laura is now the founder of a 501 (c) (3) charity called The Got Sole Project. Got Sole gives new and gently used shoes to Hampton Roads underprivileged families and to the Migrant workers on the Eastern Shore. To date her charity has helped give away over 25,000 pairs of shoes. Laura loves working with the Migrant workers and their families along with helping the local homeless shelters and at the end of the year Got Sole does humanitarian work. In the last few years they were able to donate shoes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and in 2013 donated 5,000 pairs of sandals and shoes to the Philippines Red Cross.

This year Laura will be on the Leadership speaking team for ONE Nation One Day in the Dominican Republic in July. She will be offer hope and inspiration to business leaders in DR.

Laura has a true passion for women to see them success and to understand God’s purpose for their lives. Laura will be the keynote speaker for Living Free Women’s Conference in Africa at Miracle Life Church in Lusaka, Zambia.

Laura is a wife, mom, global motivational speaker, award winning author, realtor and entrepreneur. She is currently working on a another book called Aim High and Dream Big!

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